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Benefits of promoting your brands through videos

When done well, video can tell a compelling business story, elicit an emotional response from viewers, and ultimately sway their purchasing choices. The message is conveyed effectively through movement, music, colour, and narrative. Conversely, text must rely on images, punctuation, and metaphor to set the tone of a report. Here are some of the many ways in which including captivating video content in your marketing plan can help you succeed.

Video Increases Transactions and Revenue

The money you make from videos could be substantial. A landing page with a video demonstrating the merchandise has been shown to increase sales by 80 percent.

In contrast to reading the search results, watching a video featuring an engaging presenter may greatly influence consumer behavior and result in a lead conversion (or customer conversion).

A video could also lead to a purchase. Research shows that after watching an explainer video about a product or service, 74% of viewers made a purchase. Get to customizing, then!

More people are likely to watch your video

A prospect’s likelihood of clicking on a linked video increases if they come across one. That’s one more chance for you to get your point across.

The prevalence of video material over textual content is widespread. If you want your marketing video to succeed, you need to ensure it gets the right people.

Video Promotes Trust

Individuals are likelier to believe what they see in a video because they connect to the individuals behind it. Your prospect will appreciate not having to wade through a sea of impersonal emails or cold calls if you present yourself via video instead.

Customers can only purchase with quick videos. A recent study found that 90% of mobile video viewers find product videos helpful, contributing to a sizable uptick in sales.

The more videos you have to show customers that you care about their education and information, the more confidence they will have in you. And it gets better: when customers are assured, sales opportunities arise.

The ROI of video marketing

Compared to other digital media, such as text and chatbots, video has emerged as the dominant form of communication in the new content rule. By a large measure, video is the most engaging content format on social media.

Two-thirds of people prefer high-quality content (videos) over reading text on a screen when learning about a product or service. This is a fantastic way to reach new audiences and turn them into customers.

Video Has a Bright Future

The reliance on technological advancements grows as their capabilities increase. That means you now have more options for creating engaging video material for your brand. You should consider their potential applications to get the most out of your films.

Now is a great time to begin producing video content and keep abreast of current methods and best practices for disseminating your message to typical internet users, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and streaming services are all on the way.

Reach Decision Makers

Moreover, if both text and video on the same subject are available on the same webpage, 59 percent of senior executives say they will watch the video.


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