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How to write content writing articles that will help you to reach your targeted traffic

The first thing is, don’t be fooled. There are plenty of articles out there that “claim” they can show you how to write content so that it ranks on Google or brings in tonnes of traffic etc. Think about it for a minute…If this information were out here available to everyone, do you think anyone would buy their own products? Of course not! I’ve reviewed many many many sites over the past couple of years, and rest assured if there was an easy way online that actually worked then everyone would be using it.


So anyway, let’s say that you’ve made a website for topic #1 (let’s just pretend) SEO tricks for your site. You spend 5 hours making some kick-ass articles around that topic and submit them to directories. It takes you another 3 hours to make some kick-ass backlinks, and you’ve finally finished! A week later…..You get on Google… “SEO tricks” is not even in the top 100…WHAT THE HELL!!! Now I can tell you that this has happened way too many times, especially when I first started out

So here are a few tips I have compiled on how to write content writing for your site :

1) Write about something that interests YOU

This goes along with knowing how Google operates (see my other articles). If you writing about something that doesn’t interest you, then forget it! No one will be interested in reading it. So imagine yourself as a reader wanting to read an article about your topic. Would you be interested? Would it actually make you want to learn more about the topic and eventually buy a product or service related to that topic?

2) Don’t use keywords just for the sake of using them

No one wants to read an article that is full of your keywords, this will not result in any extra traffic, but could actually result in less because Google thinks your page’s content is unrelated to the keyword. It’s important to include words relevant to your topic within the text, but don’t go overboard and clutter up your writing with keywords! Again Google looks at how readable (easy on the eye) your website is as one of its many factors when ranking pages…so if they can’t understand what your page is about, you will never get the rankings you want.

3) Use keywords where necessary

As mentioned in #2, it’s important to use your keywords if they are relevant to your topic. For example, when writing a page about SEO tips for forums I would include words like “forum” and “message board”. However, do not just litter your articles with these types of keywords in every sentence! Google may think that your article or website is spam which could result in further downgrades to your ranking…or even getting blacklisted by Google! I know this sounds extreme, but it has happened. So don’t take this warning lightly!

4) Write Articles That Are 100% Unique

I can’t stress this enough! Even if you think that your article is unique, there is no way to be 100% certain. So what do you do? You could either post it on your site with something like “Copyright by Joe Bloggs” (which isn’t true) or resell the rights. There are many companies out there that will allow you to resell the rights for a very cheap fee (for an entire year even). Don’t try and write articles yourself that are 100% unique, especially when writing about really popular keywords! Google gets REALLY angry when they find multiple sites (even different domains) with almost identical content!!

5) Give Your Articles A Title

I know most people don’t give article titles much importance but believe me when I say that they can make or break an article. The title is what will draw people to your article. 

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